Large Breed Lodging

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my dog be able to play with other dogs?

If appropriate, your dog will be able to play with other dogs (under my close supervision). This is dependent upon the individual temperament of the various dogs that might be here. Playing, within a small supervised group, is allowed only with owner permission. Dogs must be well-socialized and the temperament of the dogs must be suitable for such interaction.

Where will my dog be at night?

All dogs sleep inside at night. We are able to easily accommodate even the largest dog. Dogs will sleep in the main part of our house. The close proximity to our TV (and the sound of us snoring) gives your dog the sense of being a part of the household.

What's included?

Your dog will experience a lot of socialization activities while staying here. Running "doggy errands" such as visiting the groomer, photographer, or dog park usually require a special request (and additional fees). There is no fee charged for giving basic medications (such as pills). There is no additional charge for time spent in exercise.

What Should I pack in an Overnight bag?

*The packing list below is merely a suggestion. Our Lodging offers all the basics, from blankets and bowls to toys and treats. But we greatly encourage people to bring their pet's own personal items to make its stay more comfortable.
  • Toys:
    Dogs, like people, are creatures of habit and like to have the things that matter to them around. We encourage people to leave something with us that has your scent, like a recently worn t-shirt or hoodie. Cats also enjoy having something “purrsonal” from home such as a pillowcase for the familiar scent.

  • Bedding:
    We do provide bedding for your pet. It is up to you if you choose to bring your dogs own bedding or not, but if you do so please make sure the item is expendable. (Also, bedding should be able to fit into a household washer, in case your pet has an accident.)

  • Food:
    We ask you bring your own dog food so that your dog has his customary diet. This is important because being away from home is a stressful enough event, without adding a diet change to that. Please bring enough food for your pet's stay (can be packaged in a plastic container or sandwich or grocery bags.) Send a little more food than you think is necessary because your pet will be having a lot of exercise. In addition, packing one extra day’s worth of food may come in handy in the event that your trip becomes delayed.

  • Bowls:
    BYOB (bring your own bowl) We provide stainless steel food and water bowls but many dogs simply prefer to eat from their own. So again, this is up to the owner's discretion.

  • Medications:
    Pack any medications needed, including heartworm and other preventives.
    * Apply flea and tick preventative to your dog ahead of time. Your pet must be flea and tick free. If I feel your pet is putting others at risk to contract fleas - treated baths will be given at the owner's expense.

  • Up-to-date emergency phone numbers!